2021 New York State

Men's Senior Amateur Championship

The Powelton Club (Newburg) | August 3-5

The Waitlist


A waitlist has been created as more than 132 players have registered to compete in this year's championship. Per the entry guidlines, the field will be comprised of the 132 players with the lowest USGA Handicap Index as of the entry deadline (July 15). Players on the wait list are ordered by their USGA Handicap Index. A player on the wait list who does not gain entrance into the championship field will have their full entry refunded.


If you are a player on the waitlist and would like to be removed, please contact the NYSGA at champs@nysga.org or 315-471-6979.


We review players' Handicap Indexes to ensure that they are up-to-date, meaning that players have posted at least five (5) scores in the past three months. If a player is found to not have been posting scores, they may be subject to disqualification if they cannot provide tournament scores to justify their Handicap Index.


    Senior (55-64) Waitlist     

Raymond Edwards

Billy Weston

Bob Kenney

Donald Crouch

James Tubbs



Updated 7/30/2021